1. Unroll your purchased decal and place it on a flat hard surface with the gridded backing paper facing up. Place heavy books or objects on top (for 24-48 hours) to flatten the decal.
    1. I know what I am asking is hard because you are so excited your package has arrived BUT I promise this will make application so much easier :-) 
  2. Wipe the wall or surface with a dry or damp cloth first to remove dust and particles. This is an important step to ensure your vinyl decal sticks well. 
  3. Try your test piece BEFORE you apply your purchased decal. Vinyl decals are often not compatible with walls that have been painted with Low or No VOC paint. OR walls that have been recently painted.
    1. If you are applying the decal to a freshly painted wall, please wait 2-3 weeks before trying your test piece
    2. If your test piece does not stick well to the wall when you remove the transfer tape it is likely your purchased decal will not work either. You may instead apply the decal to painted or stained wood, painted canvas, or any other smooth surface. 
  4. Always remove the gridded paper from the transfer tape not the other way around. (Seen in the top picture to the left)
    1. It seems simple and even silly but it makes a HUGE difference in getting the vinyl to lift properly from the backing paper without stretching or distorting.
    2. If you have a spot that isn't lifting properly; press that piece of the backing paper back onto the transfer tape and rub with your finger and then slowly try to remove the backing again.​
    3. Use the application method that works best for you. We prefer the "Middle Hinge" method simply because we think it is the easiest way to get it right every time. We also tend to make larger scale decals and the Middle Hinge method is best for those.

  • Have a partner ready to help you if you can. If not extra masking or painters tape will be your "extra hands" :-)
  • If you want your decal to be centered and/or level within a space you will need a measuring tape and level out before you begin application.

Dandelion Decals - Wall Decal Application Instructions